About Us

Empower is the first 100% Filipino owned relationship marketing company to empower its members to attain success and prosperity by harnessing the strength of the Filipino and combining this with the rewards of network marketing with high quality innovative products.

Empower began in 2001, originally as a division of the Peak marketing Group, Inc. which was conceptualized in 1992.  The Peak was formed with the mission of providing individuals with the opportunity to start a profitable and rewarding career in network marketing.

We are an organization whose vision continues to be helping others help themselves by providing a complete system of premium products and an attractive business opportunity. Although normally a personal part-time effort, it is an endeavor that many find worthy to pursue as a lucrative full time career.

It is truly the faith of the husband and wife team of Mr. Antonio B. Elicaño and Mrs. Josefina M. Elicaño in the Filipino’s entrepreneurial skills that gave birth to Empower.

They have been partners through their married life in such diverse fields as construction, garments manufacturing and export, and direct selling. They are ably supported by a management group with ample technical expertise and over five decades of network marketing experience.

Most of all, Empower is a family, where many have found a support group and team that truly cares for them and their futures.

To help others to help themselves

To provide a stable environment wherein entrepreneurs can be part of a well honed system with premium quality, innovative products and an attractive income opportunity.

Customer Satisfaction
Empower believes that it’s foremost responsibility is to the Lord. Therefore we seek to provide not only the highest quality products but also those products that can truly help those in need.