Moreishi Brominga Blend Concentrate 300mL

Refreshing pineapple drink that contains an herbal formulation designed to give a power dose of Vitamin C and Vitamin B Complex to help fight viral infections.


Is an herbal juice blend containing herbs that are famous for their ability to fight off most viral infections like the AH1N1 virus.
The ingredients contain

•    A massive dose of Vitamin C needed by the immune system to ward off sickness.
•    Bioflavanoids (the famous Quercetin) that support the transport of Vitamin C in our bodies.
•    Vitamin B Complex that help strengthen our mucus membranes to help keep the virus out.
•    Zinc and Copper that will help us repel the flu virus.
•    Lastly, a natural anti-bacterial, antibiotic and anti-inflamatory herb, which will help us boost our immune system.

Pineapple  Rich in Vitamin C – helps strengthen the immune system
Bignay  Rich in Catechins – helps suppress growth of bacteria and viruses
Reishi  Rich in Beta D Glucan – helps fight  HIV
Malunggay  Rich in Omega 3,6,9 – protects the body from inflammations
Turmeric  Rich in Camphene – helps prevent bacteria action and bodily pains
Saluyot  Rich in Selenium – protects the body from microbial effects
Camote Tops  Rich in Zinc – helps enhance the  immune system of the body

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