Moreishi Ginger Twist in pouch 12s

Deliciously sweet beverage that contains a delicious blend of 4 herbal extracts popular for their anti-aging and vast health benefits.


A refreshing Dalandan juice drink fortified with herbs: Noni, Ginger, Mangosteen known for their anti-aging and anti-cancer benefits. The tasty beverage can also help provide relief from throat-related irritations and other upper respiratory system problems. The Zingeber Oil present in Ginger effectively kills Tuberculosis germs, while Noni Mangosteen and Dalandan have potent natural anti-bacterial properties. Can be taken cold, lukewarm, or even try it hot when you are feeling under the weather.

Indian Mulberry  Rich in Anthroquinones- helps fight bacteria and inflammations
Ginger  Rich in Ciral – has strong anti-viral characteristics
Dalandan  Rich in Vitamin C – enhances the strength of the immune system
Mangosteen  Rich in Xanthones –  helps prevent of cancer and inflammations

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