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Moreishi Jugo Verde

This “Green Juice” made with Barley, Ashitaba and Guyabano is a proprietary blend enriched and enhanced by Fulvic and Humic minerals that are nutritionally essential for cell growth and balance.


The exclusive synergistic blend of Ashitaba, Barley & Guyabano with the fortification of the Fulvic & Humic minerals (latest breakthrough in nutrition) for cell growth, balance and well-being. The unique juice that may help boost the body’s immune system, combat cancer cells, and promote holistic health. The perfect combination of Guyabano, Barley and Ashitaba is powerfully potent in reinforcing each other. This makes it a super drink that helps strengthen the body, improve all body functions and prevent cell deterioration.

Ashitaba  Rich in Coumarins – has strong anti-tumor properties
Guyabano  Rich in Polyphenols – 10,000 x more potent than chemotherapy
Barley  Rich in Molybdenum – a strong detoxify agent in the body
Fulvic Mineral Rich in Tocopherols – reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease
Dalandan  Rich in Vitamin C -preventive agent against flu/infectious diseases

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