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Golden Herbs Mix with Herbs

A delicious premium coffee with hazelnut – uniquely served in a teabag. The 15-year best-seller Golden Herbs Tonic with 12 premium herbs for overall health maintenance in rich coffee form


Is a deliciously complete supplement that contains twelve superb herbs synergistically blended to help boost overall health. Reishi, Gotu Kola, Kelp, Banaba, Alagaw, Ginger, Ginseng, Sambong, Noni, Turmeric, Chaang Gubat and Ampalaya. Served in a unique teabag and richly flavored with hazelnut

Indian Mulberry  Rich in Damnacanthal – very potent in the prevention of cancer
Ginseng  Rich in Ginsenosides – boost stamina and energy
Reishi  Rich in Germanium  – immune system booster
Gotu Kola  Rich in Triterpenes – act as a brain tonic
Kelp  Rich in Iodine – Helps prevent Goiters
Turmeric  Rich in Curcumin – helps prevent cataract formation
Ginger  Rich in  Zingeberene Oil – kills Tuberculosis germs
Sambong  Rich in Flavonoids – helps regulate urine flow
Banaba  Rich in Corosolic Acid – with insulin-like properties
Ampalaya  Rich in Momordicin – stimulates insulin production in the pancreas
Chaang Gubat  Rich in Baurenol – assists in the digestive process
Alagaw  Rich in Saponiss – help regulate the blood cholesterol level

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