Moreishi G-Defense Capsule 750mg 30s

Herbs precisely selected to help balance & regulate blood pressure, at same time reducing stress & boosting the body’s natural defenses against illnesses.


The perfect fusion of the widely-accepted beneficial effects of 3 master herbs: GotuKola, Garlic and Ginger which, acting in synergy, helps regulate blood pressure. The value of Ajoene in Garlic for the heart has been recognized since ancient times – helping to prevent the formulation of blood clots and atherosclerosis, while the Campesterol in Ginger has similar benefits for the heart since studies show it may protect the heart against free radicals and have a calming effect.

Garlic  Rich in Ajoene – prevents blood clots in the blood vessels
Ginger  Rich in Chromium – promotes better blood circulation
Gotu Kola  Rich in Campesterol -helps control cholesterol / protect the heart

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