Moreishi LiverPro Capsule

The food supplement that helps maintain a healthy liver, one of the body’s most important life-sustaining organs filtering and detoxifying blood.


This is a special, focused food supplement, formulated to help maintain the overall health of the liver by the synergistic effect of the 2 master herbs: Turmeric and Silymarin. The potent antioxidant properties of these two herbs aid the liver in flushing out toxins and help provide protection against excessive intake of alcoholic beverages, fatty food, and synthetic medication. Turmeric is rich in Vitamin A and E which are vital nutrients needed by the liver. Silymarin contains Silibinin that protects the liver cells from free radical damage.

Silymarin  Rich in Silybin/Silycistin/Silydianin – helps in the repair of liver cells
Turmeric  Rich in Curcumin – good preventive unutrient agaings liver ailments

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