Fuel Bio Enchancer 10mL

Environmentally friendly, 100% organic hydrocarbon cleansers that reduce build-up of carbon deposits in engines and enhances efficient combustion for greater efficiency and fuel conservation.


This botanical Fuel Additive is a mixture of 16 botanical ingredients that function as a 100% organic Hydro-Carbon cleanser. It effectively reduces the carbon deposit build-up and promotes environmentally friendly and cost-efficient combustion. This is absolutely non-toxic and non- corrosive. The over-all outcome from the use of this fuel additive (1ml for 10 liters of any type of fuel) can help save on fuel usage by as much as 30%.

16 Botanical Ingredients Enhances the perfect combustion of all types of fuel
Cleans and decarbonize  engine of whatever vehicle
Effectively eliminates harmful smoke emission
Helps save fuel consumptions by as much as 40%

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