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Golden Herbs Tonic 250 mL

A nutraceutical beverage that approaches pharmaceutical standards in providing health benefits that effectively enhance treatments being provided by medical professionals. The master ingredient is Noni.


This top selling nutraceutical tonic is power-packed with 12 herbs with fermented Noni as principal herb. Noni or Indian Mulberry has been tested and used worldwide as an anti-cancer herb due to the actions of its major constituent, Damnacancanthal. It also helps prevent vascular diseases in synergy with another constituent, Scopoletin. This food supplement has truly already helped hundreds in their battles against cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and various respiratory ailments. It has shown to complement current medical procedures being administered by medical practitioners for the treatment of a wide variety of health issues. The master herb Noni works in synergy with Ginseng, Gotu Kola, Ginger, Turmeric, Kelp, Sambong, Lagundi, Banaba, Pandan, Reishi and Chanca Piedra. Alcohol content is a byproduct of the fermentation process. Also available in 750ml and as well as capsule form.

Indian Mulberry  Rich in Damnacanthal – very potent in the prevention of cancer
Ginseng  Rich in Ginsenosides – boost stamina and energy
Reishi  Rich in Germanium  – immune system booster
Gotukola  Rich in Triterpenes – act as a brain tonic
Ginger  Rich in Zingeberene Oil – kills Tuberculosis germs
Turmeric  Rich in Curcumin – helps prevent cataract formation
Kelp  Rich in Iodine – Helps prevent Goiters
Chanca Piedra  Rich in Phyllantin – helps break and prevent kidney stones
Lagundi  Rich in Chrsoplenol D – a mooht muscle relaxant/expectoratn
Banaba  Rich in Corosolic Acid – has strong insulin like properties
Sambong  Rich in Flavonoids – helps regulate urine flow
Pandan  Rich in Pandamarine – has aromatic properties for calming effect

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