Moreishi Triple Omega Oil 50mL

Another topical application product that readily penetrates the skin for faster relief from more severe joint and muscle pain.


The Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids, reinforced with botanical vitamins and minerals were chosen because their properties are widely known to help alleviate pain caused by severe stress, inflammation of the muscles and injured tissues – more effective because it readily penetrates the skin for faster and more immediate soothing relief.

Omega 3  Rich inDocosahexanoic Acid – helps reduce joint pains/stiffness
Omega 6  Rich in Linolenic Acid – enhances production of body heat
Omega 9  Rich inOleic Acid – help improve the immune system
Carrots  Rich in Vitamin B-Complex – helps in energy renewal
Saluyot  Rich in Selenium – protects the body from free radical damage
Cabbage  Rich in Lactic Acid – Helps relieve  soreness of the muscles
Mushroom  Rich in Ergothionine –  repairs damage caused by inflammation
Rice bran  Rich in Alpha Lipoic Acid – for proctection againg oxidative stress

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