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Moreishi Naturals Herbal Toothpaste 150gms

A dental care formula strengthened with herbal extracts to help protect teeth and maintain overall health of the mouth and gums


A refreshingly minty dental formula fortified with accordant extracts: Tea Tree, Green Tea and Bee Propolis – effective for maintenance of strong teeth, healthier gums as well as the over-all health of the oral cavity. Each of the components used has natural antibiotic properties. This product is 100% safe and recommended even for children. Read our testimonials for our readers’ alternative uses for this top Moreishi product.

Propolis  Rich in Bioflavonoids – a potent natural antibiotic
Green Tea  Rich in Catechins – inhibits the growth of putrefactive bacteria
Tea Tree  Rich in Cicatrissan properties prevents mouth infections

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