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Moreishi Naturals Throat Spray 50mL

A soothing and refreshing formula with antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties that may help reduce sore throat, inflammation and mouth sores – at the same time gives you minty fresh breath.


The mixture of Honey, Bee Propolis and Peppermint makes for a very soothing and refreshing spray that, in addition to being a unique breath freshener, helps relieve various kinds of oral and throat problems – oral cavity boils, itchy and sore throats, mouth sores, discomfort due to tonsillitis, smoker’s cough, and bad breath. Propolis and Honey have potent natural antibiotic properties. Honey has long been known as an anti-inflammatory. The antioxidants and flavor of Peppermint provide soothing relief for itchy and sore throats.

Propolis  Rich in Bioflavonoids – potent in preventin infection/inflammation
Honey  Rich in 25 Fabulous Sugars – with antimicobial properties
Peppermint  rich in Volatile Oils – gives a calming, decongestant effect

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