Tree of Life Essential Oil 100mL

A natural topical mixture of organic herbs and essential oil creates a calming effect for the mind and body.


A topical remedy from the synergy of Lemon Grass, Sambong, Ginger, Acapulco, Eucalyotus oil, Peppermint and Virgin Coconut Oil. This formulation is best used during massage to enhance a relaxing, soothing effect. The Zingiber Oil in Ginger and Vitamin E in Virgin Coconut Oil helps rejuvenate the skin through massage. Myrcene in Lemon Grass, Menthlone in Peppermint, and Camphor in Sambong helps lessen muscle pains and provides soothing relief.

Oregano  Rich in rosmarinic Acid – gives a soothing, relaxing effect
Lemon Grass  Rich in Lemon Oil – relieves muscle aches and headacdes
Sambong  Rich in Camphor Oil – effective nerve pacifier/stimulant
Acapulco  Rich in Chrysophanic Acid – a verfy effective fungicide
Eucalyptus  Rich in Essential Oils – sitmulate3s mental activity/ blood flow
Peppermint  Rich in Methy Acetate – relaxes cells in blood vessels
VCO  Rich in Lauric Acid – funstions as skin moisturizer and sunscreen

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