Tree of Life Extra Virgin Coconut Capsule

This product is the first and only Virgin Coconut Oil produced using the Enzymatic process


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has very high Lauric Acid content. This is ensured by using the cold compress method to extract the oil from the coconut instead of the usual heat process. However, Tree of Life is the only Virgin Coconut Oil that utilizes the innovative plant enzymatic process further ensuring true “virgin” quality and maintaining to the highest potency of the Lauric Acid content of the coconut oil. Lauric Acid has natural antibacterial properties that are very similar to Colostrum which is present in a mother’s breast milk, and thus is known to boost natural immunity and overall health. Also available in liquid form.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil  Rich in Lauric Acid – has colostrum-like properties with natural potent antibiotic characteristics

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